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Denim paintings 
Thai artist Pongsakul Chalao
Left Size : 60W x 80H cm
Middle Size : 120W x 80H cm
Right Size : 60W x 80H cm

As the son of a tailor, Pongsakul Chalao is fascinated by the use of fibers to create works. 
He uses his life experience and feelings about the surroundings to collage in his works. 
He observes all kinds of denim fabrics to capture the required shades, textures and sizes, and then become light and shadows, color blocks or lines; they are stacked and layered on top of each other to create a realistic picture composed of delicate brushstrokes. 
You may find your curious to see from a distance, but it's amazing to see when you get close.
Agave by Kenal invited Pongsakul to create "Agave", which presents the plateau environment where volcanic ash accumulates. The agave has the original sense of strength and primitiveness, and is full of vitality.

Denim paintings  by  Thai artist Pongsakul Chalao

SKU: PC0001


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