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At Agave by Kenal we believe in the power of plants for their holistic benefits to improve more than just your life style but also inspiring your wellness and spiritual growth.


Our brand brings you efficacious, a fresh impact by plant based products - Agave, Contemporary Art and Life style design. 
Agave is a symbol of tough and brave.


Plants in this genus require several to many years to mature and flower. However, the individual rosette flowers of agave species only once and then dies. They grow in such a tough environment but still overcome every challenges to become a dazzling plant in the desert. 


We search for the most valuable agave assortment to promote the Mexican spirit  and the sustainability develop of the eco system to 
bring a little encouragement and inspiration to life; and contribute to the sustainability of the environment through product sales.
We will organise our resources into ecological education and cultural promotion at the same time for given a support and love to nature.


Agave by Kenal believes that everyone can have the spirit of agave to adapt from difficulties, from a small tree to a dazzling desert flower and we hope everyone of us  can live out your own life aesthetics.


There are 3 key elements :


to create our Agave by Kenal logo. 

Agave - Our speciality is in Agave and it is the key category that we are selling.

KENAL - There is a hidden Kenal logo to support the blossom of Agave. 
SUN - is considered the basic for everything. It brightens us up and lets us shine.


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